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Iron Ore: A Symphony of Satin Black Chrome and Artisanal Craftsmanship.
Iron Ore is a masterful blend of modern technology and artisanal finesse, resulting in a captivating, multi-dimensional hue between cool steel and electrifying blue-grey undertones.
This unique finish is achieved through a specialised electroplating process, followed by an exclusive lacquer treatment developed in collaboration with Akzonobel Europe. The result is a finish that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also enhances durability and longevity. Each Pittella product featuring the Iron Ore finish undergoes this meticulous process in Italy, under the strictest of quality controls. Our commitment to innovation ensures that this finish exceeds industry standards, offering an unparalleled blend of beauty and resilience. Care & Maintenance The Iron Ore finish is designed for effortless upkeep. Simply wipe with a soft cloth; no chemicals, water, or soap are necessary for maintaining its pristine condition.