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The Bronze, finish is a product of our extensive research and development in conjunction with the expertise  of our manufacturing team in Italy.  These  finishes  are  created  using  a  special low-temperature  baked industrial varnish process  that  creates  a  perfectly  uniformed colour  for  the Products. A  specially  formulated  high-quality industrial varnish is  applied  to  the  surface of  the Product before being oven-cured at low temperatures. Please note all our Varnished finishes have undergone the rigorous salt spray testing in accordance to AS 2331.3.1-2001, being 168 hours of nebular salt spray test. The results can be provided upon request.

Features & Benefits

Uniquely strong and durable, the Bronze finish is coated with a protective top coat. Produced in Europe, the effect is a very durable surface, similar to that used in the automotive industry. The flat, uniform finish has no ripples or orange-peel effect and is available in most products in our contemporary and classical collections. 



The Bronze finish has a very high resistance to scratch and accidental chip. All our finishes have undergone the rigorous salt spray testing in accordance to AS 2331.3.1-2001, being 168 hours of nebular salt spray test. The results can be provided upon request. Products should be cared for by regular chemical free cleaning, we recommend the use of pH-neutral soapy water and a soft cloth. 



Care & Maintenance

Clean with a soft cloth. The Bronze finish does not require chemicals, water or soap for cleaning.