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The primary material Pittella work with is Italian Brass; due to its strength, pliability and resistance to corrosion. Produced for millennia, brass is a binary alloy (comprised of copper and zinc) that is well known for its quality and workability, not to mention its aesthetic qualities.

It was around 1st century BC that the Romans discovered how to produce brass through a cementation process using copper and zinc which was widely used as coinage. It was around the same time that the Indian subcontinent uncovered the process of speltering brass (directly alloying metallic zinc with copper). But it wasn’t until the 1700s that zinc formally become known as a metal, which led to the process for combining these metals to make brass being patented in England in 1781.

The use of metals, and brass in particular, is being embraced by the architectural and interior design communities which is driving the revival of this recyclable, distinctive and timeless material. Whether it be polished, brushed, beaten or raw, brass pairs perfectly with other natural materials such as wood and ceramic. We are seeing it used in a variety of applications such as wall cladding and kitchen joinery through to most interior fittings such as lighting, furniture and door hardware.

Not only do the majority of Pittella products use solid brass as its base metal for door hardware, but we also provide a beautiful range of high quality brass finishes

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