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Generations of

We believe in the beauty of design, the discipline it involves and the enhancement it brings to everyday life. Together with our love of design, architecture and art, this ethos of beauty is reflected and perpetuated through our products and resulting projects as part of a bigger design story.

Pittella produces luxury Italian designed and made architectural door and bathroom fittings . Each collection is a meticulous consideration of finely crafted details, brought to life with the mastery of techniques honed over generations by Italian manufacturers.

Our products are a seamless fusion of traditional craftsmanship, combining the work of generational artisans and leading modern technology, resulting in a sublime fusion of form and function.


The business was founded four decades ago by Managing Director Simone Pittella’s Italian-born parents who wanted to establish a benchmark for high-quality Italian designed and made products that remained true to their cultural heritage and the iconic Italian style that has influenced designers around the globe for decades. This essence is something that Simone and his wife Charlotte who works alongside him, retains and cultivates both culturally within the business and beyond. For Simone and Charlotte it’s a way of life; from attention to detail and eye for design, to a desire for elevated elegance and the intangible mix of form and function that influences every product in the Pittella range.



‘Ferramenta Fedeli’ the hardware shop created by Ottavia Pittella’s late Father Adelio Fedeli first opened its door. It was here in his store that he sold the door hardware renowned for its quality. Sourced from the brass foundries in the north of Italy in the Brianza and Como region, the foundries have been considered the cornerstone of brass and steelworks in Italy throughout the centuries.



Felice and Ottavia met and marry before emigrating to Australia.






Our Ranges Finishes and Materiality

Pittella products are grouped in three categories: Classical, Post-Modern and Contemporary and are available in distinct, variable finishes of materials including Brass, Nickel, Chrome, Bronze and Steel across all ranges of door and joinery hardware. The primary material we work with is Italian Brass; due to its strength, pliability and chameleon like properties. In keeping with our unique Pittella DNA, bespoke finishes like Antique Brass are carefully created by traditional Italian artisans in ateliers using age-old techniques such as using woodchips sourced from northern Italian forests that are used in a unique, secretive process to produce a Distinctive lustre, deep bronze. Other techniques include natural ageing and delicate satin brushing processes. Pittella’s design-driven collection is the primary focus of this 3rd generation business confirming our commitment to remaining the first choice in High End architectural door hardware and bathroom products.