Pittella H377 Door Handle by Steve Leung Pittella H377 Door Handle by Steve Leung

Award-winning architect and interior designer Steve Leung consistently impresses with his commitment to quality and innovative techniques. His Hong Kong-based studio designs for inside and out, from high-rise residential buildings and commercial spaces to shopping malls, retail destinations, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Although Leung trained as an architect, his focus is now on interior and product design – he only takes on five architectural projects a year.

Pittella_Steve Leung_H377_01 copyWe have long admired Steve Leung and are proud to add his name to a long list of celebrated designers whose work sits among the Pittella collection. Leung has worked closely with our partner manufacturer in Italy to design and produce the H377 door handle, which is a stylish feature of our Black Opaque range. Its clean lines and smooth finish invite you to turn the handle and step inside.

To date, Leung has led more than 1,000 interior design projects in 50 major cities in China, as well as in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, London, Manila, Singapore and Taiwan.

Pittella_Steve Leung_H377_02

Pittella H377 Door Handle by Steve Leung

One of our favourites is the Nanjing Mandarin Palace, which picked up the iF Design Award 2016 for its distinguished modern touch and contemporary Chinese architectural style. The beige palette combines perfectly with silver travertine marble, wooden grille and black steel, presenting a luxurious home with a splash of Oriental elegance.

Other spectacular designs from Leung are seen in the Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard tower in London; The St Regis Lijiang Resort in China; the Mango Tree restaurant in Dubai; and the Ushna restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Pittella_Steve Leung_H377_04

Nanjing Mandarin Palace by Steve Leung

The St Regis Lijiang Resort in China by Steve Leung

The St Regis Lijiang Resort in China by Steve Leung

In 2013, Leung was invited to join YOO, a residential and hotel design company founded by property entrepreneur John Hitchcox and designer Philippe Starck, and he is now creative director of Steve Leung & YOO. This partnership has led to 8 Conlay, a project in Kuala Lumpur that is currently underway. It comprises branded residences, a 5-star hotel and a retail area. Its design is based on the five traditional Asian elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

The Mango Tree Restaurant by Steve Leung

The Mango Tree Restaurant by Steve Leung

If past projects are any indication, this one will be thoughtful, inspiring and elegant – three words that capture the design style of Steve Leung.

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