Designers We Love: Jasper Morrison

Since the 1980s, world-renowned British designer Jasper Morrison has brought understated, functional beauty to everyday objects – from chairs and kitchenware to door handles and joinery hardware. We’re proud to have one of his influential designs in the Pittella Contemporary collection, which features premium designs from celebrated international architects and designers.

Jasper Morrison’s industrial and furniture designs helped define the term ‘New Simplicity’. After gaining a Master’s degree in Design from London’s Royal College of Art, Morrison set up his Office for Design in 1986.

Within three years he began a collaboration with Vitra with an exhibition called ‘Some New Items for the Home, Part II’, at Milan’s Furniture Fair. Further collaborations followed with projects for Italian companies Alessi, Flos and Magis, for whom he created the Air Chair in 1999. Crafted from a single piece of plastic, the chair remains one of Morrison’s most famous designs.

Some New Items for the Home, Part II installation at Salone Del Mobile

In 2006 he collaborated with Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa on the exhibition ‘Super Normal’ at Axis Gallery in Tokyo. This exhibition inspired the opening of the Jasper Morrison Shop next to his London studio in 2009.

Super Normal Exhibition

Morrison remains one of a small group of industrial designers who work on a global scale by using advanced technology to develop mass-manufactured products.

A wonderful example of Morrison’s dedication to simplicity is the R2012 joinery pull in the Pittella Contemporary collection.

Made from cork, this perfectly round joinery pull has a texture like velvet and fits effortlessly in the hand.

Available in three sizes, it can be used as a handle for drawers or cupboards or even as a coat hook. It’s a classic statement of simplicity from Jasper Morrison.



The Return of Crystal

Crystal is returning its signature sparkle to contemporary interiors and Pittella’s collection of door hardware is leading the way with classic crystal designs that add a touch of Hollywood glamour to the finest interior spaces.

The resurgence of crystal is a natural extension of recent trends toward high-quality luxury materials, such as marble, gold and mouth-blown glass, and reflects a growing desire for classic sophistication and glamour in contemporary interiors.

Crystal consists of atoms, ions or molecules, which are arranged in a highly ordered pattern to create an intricate lattice that scatters light in all directions. The lead content in crystal creates its glistening effect by increasing the refraction of light.

Pittella’s crystal collection of door hardware includes 24% lead, which ensures its visual purity. Our manufacturing partner, is located in the heart of Tuscany in the village of Vinci – the birthplace of Leonardo de Vinci – and continues a long family tradition of the finest crystal and artisanal glass production.

More than 200 Tuscan artisans and over 15 glassmakers from the famous ‘glass island’ of Murano help create Glass Design’s beautiful crystal designs. This handmade quality means the entire range of crystal door hardware can be completely customised to suit the individual needs of each project. The artisans who produce our products are passionate and dedicated to time honoured practices, using the highest quality materials resulting in striking – and sparkling – finishes.

The collection features beautiful crystal joinery knobs in a selection of faceted designs and smooth finishes. The perfect individual touch when to add Hollywood glamour, an extra sparkle, a classic feel or just simply as a unique alternative to the norm.

Products include:


With an elegant chrome base, round faceted edges and a smooth top, this contemporary crystal door knob references classic Hollywood glamour.


A classic round faceted crystal door knob that fits perfectly in the hand, the design features a polished chrome base.


Reminiscent of a precious diamond ring, this elegant rounded crystal joinery knob also features a polished chrome base.


Perfectly balanced on a polished chrome base, this classic joinery knob resembles a faceted crystal ball.


This square-shaped crystal joinery knob has a faceted edge, a smooth top and a polished chrome base.

The ideal compliment to our range of Crystal door hardware is a crystal vanity basin. Our crystal vanity basins are left of centre – nothing more so than our Collier Basin, who’s oval oval design features pure black crystal for a refined and contemporary character – a true original. Noted for their beautiful curves, unique character and charm, our Luxor & Ice vanities allow for elegant and timeless appeal.

The return of crystal to contemporary interiors signals the increasing desire for classic and luxurious materials of the finest quality. Our crystal collection provides just the right amount of sparkle.

Through the keyhole with Carole Whiting

Carole Whiting is one of Australia’s most respected interior designers with a range of industry awards to her name – and 2016 was a big year for her.

Along with Whiting Architects, Carole was awarded kitchen of the year in the Belle Coco Republic Interior awards for the O’Grady Residence in Melbourne’s Albert Park. She also embarked on a study tour of London and Scandinavia via the inaugural 2016 Dulux DIAlogue scholarship award and was a member of the Melbourne delegation of designers to attend the 2016 Hong Kong Business of Design Week. But the highlight of the year was the launch of her own independent studio – Carole Whiting Interiors and Design.

Carole’s new multidisciplinary studio produces beautifully functional spaces that reflect and enhance the lives her clients. Her celebrated designs are always authentic and elegant and the studio offers consultation on interior architecture, landscape, communication, and multimedia design for residential, commercial, retail, exhibition and hospitality clients.

Carole recently spoke to Pittella about her new studio and what 2017 holds in store.

What projects are you working on right now?

I’m working on a beautiful renovation and extension of a house in Malvern for a young family. I’ve focused on hand-made and tactile elements for the project and have worked with local artisans because I like to support Australian suppliers. The family is very down-to-earth and I’ve kept the design simple and clean.

I’m also working on a house in North Melbourne, which involves balancing the client’s traditional aesthetic with contemporary elements and ensuring that both worlds merge. I’ve taken reference from traditional French farmhouses but have avoided replicating any elements. There’s a French flair but it is still contemporary Australian.

What are some of the more popular design elements clients request?

Every single client asks me for storage. The Malvern house has plenty of storage options because it’s such a large house but the North Melbourne project is quite compact, so I’ve had to be really clever in how I create storage without filling the house with cupboards. I’ve worked storage into the structure so there’s a bit of ambiguity. Spatial planning for this job was quite complicated but it’s been successful.

What are some of your favourite products from Pittella?

I love the Como handles. They are my go-to handles – I’m so glad Simone Pittella designed them. I’m using them as hooks and as handles in the Malvern house in a variety of powder-coated colours and in a brass finish for the North Melbourne house. I love the shape and the versatility of three sizes, which means you can use them in different ways. I use a lot of hooks in my work and so finding a great new product that fits in with lot of different jobs is perfect.

Classic Collection NOW AVAILABLE in Black Opaque

Our new classic collection of door handles with their unique black opaque finish bring a modern twist to a selection of designs from the classic range of door hardware.


146.40 Cabinet Knob


Pittella 146.40 Cabinet Knob


The black opaque finish is striking in it’s simplicity, it exudes sophistication and modernism, giving a sleek contemporary appearance that melds perfectly with classic tradition.

P130 Door Handle


Answering the demand of door hardware that combines classic aesthetic with a modern feel – we developed a range of designs from our popular classical collection that achieve sleek sophistication through a contemporary black finish. You’ll find the tonal quality of the black opaque finish will compliment natural materials such as timbers, stones and glass.


714.128 Joinery Pull

The black opaque finish for the select designs from the Classic collection of door hardware and bathroom components will ensure modern renovations on traditional homes have the precise accessories they require for that perfect finish.

The full classic collection in opaque black finish can be found here


Pittella’s NEW Specialist Tumbled Brass Doorware

Pittella now offers a new brass finishing process for its collection of premium-quality door hardware. Developed to allow its products to age just as elegantly as the finest interior environments, Pittella’s ‘Tumbled Brass’ process gives its solid brass designs a beautifully worn patina that develops unique characteristics over time.

The new Tumbled Brass process produces a natural, worn patina for our door handles and pulls. The finish is achieved by placing raw brass products into a tumbler containing small stones about the size of a 5 cents piece. The raw brass products are then ‘tumbled’ to allow the stones to remove unwanted casting marks without the use of chemicals, giving the brass a unique worn appearance.

The resulting worn-surface finish then takes on a special characteristic over time. Areas that are touched by the hand become lighter while areas that are rarely touched darken and oxidise as they age to create a beautiful and unique luster.

While the Tumbled Brass process complements many interior styles, it is particularly suited to organic and sustainable interior design schemes and is available for a selection of hardware designs, including:

807 door handle

A classic shape with a lean profile, the 807 door handle features a tactile design that sits perfectly in the hand.

Pittella_807 ODILE_Door Handle copy

Pittella 807 ODILE Door Handle

Bellagio joinery pull

With an elegant, elongated shape that gently curves from the wall, the Bellagio joinery pull is a classic design that is suited to a range of interior styles.

Pittella_RMCB.60 TB_Joinery Pull_01_blog copy

Pittella RMCB Bellagio Joinery Pull

Como joinery pull

Featuring a smooth, organic rounded form, the Como joinery pull is beautifully suited to the Tumbled Brass finishing process.

Pittella_RMCC TB_Joinery Pull_01_blog copy

Pittella RMCC Como Joinery Pull

The new Tumbled Brass process adds a unique, well-loved character to these elegant designs from the Pittella collection.


Through the keyhole with Justin Bishop Interior Design

There is a timeless elegance to the objects that came before the days of mass production. Hand-crafted classics continue to delight, especially when they are creatively combined by interior designer Justin Bishop.

Justin founded Melbourne-based Justin Bishop Interior Design a decade ago and has gone on to create a range of interiors across Australia, from elegant urban homes to casual weekend retreats and innovative commercial interiors. We’ve long admired his work.

Pittella_Justin Bishop_01 copy

Justin’s passion for timeless, traditional design and decoration was born growing up in a historic property that he helped restore with his family. Those skills have been developed and have resulted in some truly classic interiors that take you back to the days of high tea and summer tennis matches, croquet on the lawn and country fairs.

Pittella_Justin Bishop_03

Bishop’s attention to detail brings an old house back to its former glory, with white washed walls providing a stark contrast to the dark antiques carefully placed throughout. A favourite is a Sassafras residence he brought to life with a perfect combination of dark weathered floorboards, rattan rugs and period ornaments.

Pittella_Justin Bishop_02

Another project in Sassafras we admire sees a similar colour palette enhanced with period lighting and made comfortable with plump couches spilling cushions and throw rugs.

A third project with the same elegant touches is the Strathmore property that Bishop has designed to perfection. A stylish kitchen with deep stone sinks and an ornamental mantelpiece over a new stove shows the care he takes when preserving the elements of yesteryear while bringing the property into the modern world.

Pittella_Justin Bishop_04

Bishop’s clean, simple and calming approach to design is evident throughout each of his projects and the result is an invitation to look to the past and find inspiration for tomorrow.


Pittella H377 Door Handle by Steve Leung

Award-winning architect and interior designer Steve Leung consistently impresses with his commitment to quality and innovative techniques. His Hong Kong-based studio designs for inside and out, from high-rise residential buildings and commercial spaces to shopping malls, retail destinations, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Although Leung trained as an architect, his focus is now on interior and product design – he only takes on five architectural projects a year.

Pittella_Steve Leung_H377_01 copyWe have long admired Steve Leung and are proud to add his name to a long list of celebrated designers whose work sits among the Pittella collection. Leung has worked closely with our partner manufacturer in Italy to design and produce the H377 door handle, which is a stylish feature of our Black Opaque range. Its clean lines and smooth finish invite you to turn the handle and step inside.

To date, Leung has led more than 1,000 interior design projects in 50 major cities in China, as well as in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, London, Manila, Singapore and Taiwan.

Pittella_Steve Leung_H377_02

Pittella H377 Door Handle by Steve Leung

One of our favourites is the Nanjing Mandarin Palace, which picked up the iF Design Award 2016 for its distinguished modern touch and contemporary Chinese architectural style. The beige palette combines perfectly with silver travertine marble, wooden grille and black steel, presenting a luxurious home with a splash of Oriental elegance.

Other spectacular designs from Leung are seen in the Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard tower in London; The St Regis Lijiang Resort in China; the Mango Tree restaurant in Dubai; and the Ushna restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Pittella_Steve Leung_H377_04

Nanjing Mandarin Palace by Steve Leung

The St Regis Lijiang Resort in China by Steve Leung

The St Regis Lijiang Resort in China by Steve Leung

In 2013, Leung was invited to join YOO, a residential and hotel design company founded by property entrepreneur John Hitchcox and designer Philippe Starck, and he is now creative director of Steve Leung & YOO. This partnership has led to 8 Conlay, a project in Kuala Lumpur that is currently underway. It comprises branded residences, a 5-star hotel and a retail area. Its design is based on the five traditional Asian elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

The Mango Tree Restaurant by Steve Leung

The Mango Tree Restaurant by Steve Leung

If past projects are any indication, this one will be thoughtful, inspiring and elegant – three words that capture the design style of Steve Leung.

Through the keyhole with Hecker Guthrie

Hecker Guthrie is one of Melbourne’s most respected multi-disciplinary design practices. Their designs span residential, retail, hospitality and commercial spaces (they were also responsible for the design of our flagship showroom in Hawthorn!) and each project is noted for its authenticity, considered selection of materials and meticulous attention to detail.

pittella hecker guthrie 3

Pittella’s Melbourne Showroom by Hecker Guthrie – Images by Shannon McGrath

Hecker Guthrie started out in 1999 as Hecker Phelan & Guthrie. Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie formed a partnership in 2010 to create Hecker Guthrie and they are both highly respected representatives of the Australian design community, often called upon as judges for design awards.

In addition to the brilliant design of our flagship headquarters, some of our favourite projects from Hecker Guthrie include Ugly Duckling wine bar in Richmond. The bar area features a bluestone entry threshold, industrial detailing and a stunning grey marble bar. Its airy atrium space evokes a sense of nature, with a palette of pale grey walls, white oiled timber floors and two large trees anchored in place by plinths.

pittella hecker guthrie 2

Ugly Duckling Wine Bar by Hecker Guthrie

Hecker Guthrie’s Prahran Residence project is another favourite. They have stripped back this heritage building and restored the historical details to create a beautiful, simple family home. We also admire the quirky details the designers have added to the Toorak Residence. What started out as a furniture and styling project grew to include broader design details, such as a new kitchen and bathroom and custom-designed joinery pieces for the 1930s property.

pittella hecker guthrie

Prahran Residence by Hecker Guthrie

Hecker Guthrie have received a range of awards for their designs, including the gold medal at this year’s Melbourne Design Awards for the interior design of Evolution 7, a digital agency in Cremorne. The design focuses of clean lines and creates a loft-like atmosphere.

Of course, our number one design by Hecker Guthrie is own flagship showroom. The interconnected spaces they have created provide our clients with a range of experiences when they visit. Most importantly, the interior is the perfect complement to our timeless range of designs.

Pay them a visit here – Hecker Guthrie

See more images of our showroom here

Through the keyhole with Christopher Elliott Design

Christopher Elliott Design has a reputation for inspired and timeless interiors. This Melbourne-based design practice has an unmatched ability to harmonise materials and eras with a precise attention to detail – something we always admire.

Launched in 2005 from Christopher’s home studio in Melbourne, the practice has catered to a growing appetite for boutique designs across a wide range of projects -from residential to hospitality – and provides a concept-to-completion service.

pittella_christopher elliot design_vogue apartment copy

Some of our favourite residential projects from Christopher Elliott Design include the Vogue apartment in South Yarra, which required the complete fit-out of a newly built residence purchased off the plan. The apartment is small and compact, but the interior design creates a wonderful sense of space and enhances the spectacular views of Melbourne. A careful selection of French Grey American Oak flooring throughout creates a seamless look and beautifully complements the mix of blue, yellow and green hues used in the furnishing.

The Richmond project is another favourite. It involved the refurbishment of a single-fronted Victorian house to highlight the client’s antique furniture while also making the home more livable in a modern context. Contemporary colours and the addition of grass cloth wallpaper bring life and texture to the design and classic modern furniture combines beautifully with the antique pieces.

pittella_christopher elliot design_richmond

Moving to a commercial environment, the Tom, Dick and Harry café in South Yarra saw Christopher initially offering a few hours of his time to advise ‘a friend of a friend’ with some interior insights for a significant renovation of a run-down cafe.  Hooked on a challenge, Christopher made some inspired choices and transformed the space from a dark commercial interior to a hospitality venue filled with natural light, warm materials and classic fitting.

pittella_christopher elliot design_tomdickharry

“As someone truly passionate about good design and its ability to enhance our lives, I draw inspiration from a number of sources, from fashion, retrospective designs, and the natural landscape, to the clean, bold lines of modern architecture,” says Christopher.

This all translates into truly inspired designs.

Introducing the Como and Bellagio collections

Pittella’s new multi-functional hardware offers discerning detail and sophisticated versatility for a range of residential applications.

The Como and Bellagio are brand-new additions to our extensive range of premium-quality hardware. In solid brass, the Como and Bellagio are sophisticated components of architectural hardware that perform effortlessly as handles, hooks, pulls and knobs and can be used in a variety of applications throughout the home.

We conceived the Como and Bellagio for an architectural client seeking to create hardware that could seamlessly serve in a range of residential applications. They are the first multi-functional product in our  history and can perform in various rooms and spaces throughout the home as a door handle, robe hook and draw pull.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio

The Como and Bellagio, named for the region of northern Italy in which they are manufactured, express the superior craftsmanship we are known for. Each component has a flat surface that gently angles away from the wall and a rear fixing system engineered to be barely visible when in use. The formal variations between the Como and Bellagio are subtle yet enable them to transition between classical and contemporary design: Como has a smooth organic and rounded form, while the Bellagio takes on an elongated shape with pronounced corners and edges.

The hardware is available in seven finishes – tumbled brass, polished brass unlacquered, oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, satin chrome, satin brass and black opaque – that enhance its adaptability to various interior styles. The Como and Bellagio are very well suited to diverse styles of interior design, it all depends on the story being told. The Bellagio in black opaque is a smart choice for more edgy contemporary design, while the Como in polished brass is softer and more traditional for classic interior design.

The Como

The Como

Como and Bellagio are available in three different sizes that can all be applied to the same variety of purposes and the rear fixing system enables the hardware to be surface mounted or fitted back to back for operational doors. Available widths include 40, 60 and 80 millimetres while heights vary by width and style.

Como and Bellagio are available exclusively through Pittella and supplied Australia-wide. They are engineered to last, backed by a 25-year guarantee, and complement our extensive range of premium-quality hardware and accessories.


View Como here

View Bellagio here

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