• Steven Leung’s classic H377 Door Handle now available in bronze and tan leather

      The H377 Door Handle by world-renowned architect and interior designer Steven Leung is one of the most celebrated designs in Pittella’s collection of architectural door fittings. Now, this beautiful design is available in a luxurious new finish of bronze… more

  • knlured architectural joinery door hardware

    TURA by Pittella Studios delivers a full circle design solution

    As Charles Eames once wisely said, “The details are not the details, they make the design.” This saying resonates loudly when attempting to encapsulate the essence of our latest architectural door and joinery hardware series we are launching in the… more

  • Pittella Trend Alert – luxury handcrafted ceramic wash basins

    CERAMICA WASHBASIN COLLECTION It is with great excitement that we reveal an expansion of the Pittella bathroom wash basin collection. Our beautiful, luxury Ceramica comprises of three handcrafted benchtop designs, all baring their own unique personality. They are called San… more

  • Designers We Love: Jasper Morrison

    Since the 1980s, world-renowned British designer Jasper Morrison has brought understated, functional beauty to everyday objects – from chairs and kitchenware to door handles and joinery hardware. We’re proud to have one of his influential designs in the Pittella Contemporary… more

  • Classic Collection NOW AVAILABLE in Black Opaque

    Our new classic collection of door handles with their unique black opaque finish bring a modern twist to a selection of designs from the classic range of door hardware.   146.40 Cabinet Knob   The black opaque finish is striking… more

  • Pittella’s NEW Specialist Tumbled Brass Doorware

    Pittella now offers a new brass finishing process for its collection of premium-quality door hardware. Developed to allow its products to age just as elegantly as the finest interior environments, Pittella’s ‘Tumbled Brass’ process gives its solid brass designs a… more

  • Pittella H377 Door Handle by Steve Leung

    Award-winning architect and interior designer Steve Leung consistently impresses with his commitment to quality and innovative techniques. His Hong Kong-based studio designs for inside and out, from high-rise residential buildings and commercial spaces to shopping malls, retail destinations, hotels, restaurants and… more

  • Through the keyhole with Christopher Elliott Design

    Christopher Elliott Design has a reputation for inspired and timeless interiors. This Melbourne-based design practice has an unmatched ability to harmonise materials and eras with a precise attention to detail – something we always admire. Launched in 2005 from Christopher’s… more

  • Introducing the Como and Bellagio collections

    Pittella’s new multi-functional hardware offers discerning detail and sophisticated versatility for a range of residential applications. The Como and Bellagio are brand-new additions to our extensive range of premium-quality hardware. In solid brass, the Como and Bellagio are sophisticated components… more

  • Through the Keyhole with Whiting Architects

    Whiting Architecture is a truly collaborative design practice. Technicians, architects and interior designers work equally across projects and this concerted effort has resulted in award-winning designs. Melbourne-based Whiting Architecture and Interiors is led by Design Director Steven Whiting and the… more

  • Pittella 50’s Collection by Sergio Asti

    We are thrilled to present our collection of lever door handles designed by mid-century Italian maestro, Sergio Asti. Crafted from solid brass, our 50’s collection is a truly original range from this classic period of Mid-Century design. Sergio Asti studied art… more

  • Revolutionary Italian Architect and Designer Cini Boeri

    Revolutionary Italian architect and designer Cini Boeri has been pushing the boundaries of material and form for more than 50 years. We’re big fans of Boeri’s work at Pittella and are proud to have one of her classic designs among… more